Intrusion detection | Intrusion Prediction | Cybersecurity | Gaurav Sarraf | Springer | Research
Intrusion detection | Intrusion Prediction | Cybersecurity | Gaurav Sarraf | Springer | Research
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Hey folks! This article is about an article I published on a project I was working on in early 2020. The primary objective of this project was to develop a host-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that could analyze system calls being made by the kernel of an Unbuntu server. The system would use a Recurrent Neural Network and autoencoders to predict the system calls that would be made by the kernel, effectively not just detecting but also predicting an intrusion attempt. Intrusion Detection as a process involves a lot of analysis and pattern identification of the log files which is…

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Greetings fellow cyber nerds! This article will be about a research paper I published in the first quarter of 2019. As an academic, it is imperative to not just work on improving existing technologies but to also publish your finds. This not helps validate findings, more importantly, it pushes the field of study forward, no matter how insignificant the contribution it may be. I have published three research papers as of September 2021 all in international conferences. I will be writing articles for all three of these papers. So stay tuned for that. Let's get to the paper now.


TryHackMe’s SimpleCTF is one of the first beginner-friendly CTFs, one will encounter as soon as they signup. As the name suggests it is one of the most basic rooms teaching bare minimum skills. This CTF forces the player to try every option and acts as a good enumeration coach. Some of the tools used in this write-up are OpenVPN, Gobuster, Nmap, python, etc. Once you join the room click on ‘Start Machine’ and you are good to go. Let's jump right in!

Disclaimer: The tools used in this tutorial are powerful. Please use them on systems you can legally tamper…

I am Gaurav Sarraf, a student cum security researcher based out of Bangalore India. I usually focus on research about information security and its related domains. Recently, I have developed an inclination towards hands-on penetration testing, hence decided to take up EC Council’s CEH as my first cybersecurity certification followed by EC Council’s CPENT exam. To gain some practice I have decided to try the CTF style learning path, by cracking some vulnerable machines available online. The obvious choice for a CTF-style training website is TryHackMe. …

Gaurav Sarraf

Security Engineer cum Researcher | Cybersecurity graduate student | Space Enthusiast |

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